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Why DIY Electrical Work is Dangerous

Every now and then, we may feel like engineers and do some of the light electrical work in our homes in order to save a few dollars. This is, however, a decision that is fraught with many hazards. You will really be gambling with your life or property. Undertaking the DIY electrical work is a very dangerous job and it is certainly not worth those few dollars that you are trying to save by not hiring professional electricians in Perth.

There are numerous mistakes that you can commit when you attempt to carry out the DIY electrical work without knowledge or expertise on electrical circuitry rules and conventions. Most of these errors will also be quite costly for you. Some of the errors committed by unskilled people trying to undertake electrical work include the following:

Using Incorrect Bulb Wattage –  Replacing a bulb is simple enough, but there are some finer details that you need to keep in mind such as ensuring you are using a bulb with right wattage. An incorrect wattage could easily cause electrical fires.

Using electrical wires incorrectly – There are different kinds of wires which are used in the electrical circuitry. These include the non-metallic sheathed Romex wires, the single strand wires, and many other kinds. Professional electricians Perth has have very good knowledge of the various wiring standards and since you are not a professional electrician, you don’t. So you are likely to make some mistakes which may turn out to be quite costly. You could easily create very costly short circuits in your house.

Poor installation of outlets and switches – If you are inexperienced and untrained, the switches and the outlets will seem like very complicated installations that you can barely understand. So why proceed with DIY switch installation and repairs anyway? Even electrical students sometimes have problems figuring out which wires are live, neutral, or earth. Some don’t have a clue on how to splice the cables together. An attempt to install these devices without the knowledge or expertise can result in errors. Either the circuit will simply not work or it can be too hazardous and even cause shocks, short circuits, and fires.

Wrong amperage and fuse sizes – The fuse serves as a safety device and it will cut off the circuit or break the circuit if the current that is flowing through it is more than the rated value that is considered safe. Putting the wrong fuse size in your circuitry could easily result in electrical fire hazards.

These mistakes can have serious consequences that will likely cost you and your family very dearly. They could result in electrocution which can result in nerve damages, serious burns, and even death. Electrical fires are also the consequences of faulty wiring in your circuitry due to the DIY electrical work. These are not easy to extinguish, spread fast and will likely cause total damage on your property if the situation is not arrested in time. Then there are the financial losses that result from these hazards. If you used dodgy wiring, you are unlikely to receive compensation from your insurance company. This is why it is always advisable to entrust your electrical repairs work to qualified electricians Perth professionals.

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