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It is always advantageous to stay in hotels that are centrally located

When you go on a tour with your family or friends, it is but natural that you always look for a hotel which is centrally located. This is because such centrally located hotels will add to your convenience. In fact, you must find a Bangkok hotel near shopping malls or very close to the railway station or bus stand. In short, hotels nearer to public utility services like banks, malls, railway stations are always advantageous for the tourists. Interestingly some of the hotels in Bangkok are located very close to the places of tourist interest. Such hotels save you a considerable amount of time and money. This is because, instead of hiring a taxi you can simply walk to the place of tourist interest.

Staying close to public utility services is advantageous:

Interestingly, a Bangkok hotel near shopping malls is so located that it is close to some of the malls of international repute. So, you can do endless hours of shopping because after shopping, instead of going by a taxi you can walk back to your hotel. Perhaps, you would agree that while on a tour, your convenience always matters, and it is for this reason staying very close to public utility services is considered always advantageous to the tourists.

In addition to their strategic location, these hotels offer several featured services, and these services are briefly explained here:

·        The hotels have spacious en-suite rooms, which have comfortable furniture and other utilities like telephone, WiFi, television and so on. The rooms are available in different categories like, for example, deluxe room, executive room, presidential room and various other categories of rooms.

·        The hotel offers various common facilities like swimming poll, fitness centre, massage centre and Spa, walking path and various other utilities. In addition to these, some of the hotels also have a club house, Cyber stand and such other utilities.  In fact, you also find a small shopping mall within the hotel which caters to essential requirements of the guests.

·        The Bangkok hotel near shopping malls usually has an in house coffee bar, poll bar and also movements restaurants. These hotels offer exclusive traditional Bangkok recipes and also continental specialties.

·        The hotels have an exclusive place for meetings and other events. This place is provided with comfortable furniture, tables and so on. In addition to this, the meeting place also has other utilities like sound system, overhead projector with screen and various other facilities are kept in readiness.

Ascertain whether pets are allowed:

If you are taking your pet or if any person in your group is on a wheel chair, then it is strongly recommended that you should ascertain whether the hotel allows pets or has facilities for those on a wheel chair. Similarly if you are a smoker, ascertain whether smoking is allowed in the rooms. Before booking your room, you must understand the calculation of check in and checkout time.

Book your accommodation in advance:

Most reputed tour operators suggest you must book your accommodation sufficiently in advance. Some of the hotels offer discounts on advance booking. Naturally, that will enable you to save a considerable amount of money.

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