Getting Back Your Abducted Child

Family lawyers have become important professionals in the modern world due to the nature of problems and circumstances that today’s families find themselves in. Divorce, disputes involving children, property division and even wills are some of the areas in which these professionals base their expertise around. Getting the right legal counsel on family law Gold Coast has (if you are in this locality in AU) may save you from many problems and help you transition into new family statuses much more easily.

Family Law Gold Coast

Family Law Gold Coast

Caldwell Solicitors are legal professionals whose work is to advise you on issues touching on Gold Coast family law. In the event that legal representation is necessary, they also step in to offer the same with the aim of giving you the best outcome.

Child abduction by former spouses is one of the serious issues stemming from family relationships, touching on family law in Gold Coast. This can be a stressful ordeal to any parent who may be at a loss for what to do especially if the abductor decides to disappear altogether. It is best to seek the legal guidance of a competent attorney practising family law Gold Coast has at present as soon as you can determine that the child has been abducted.

Steps to Consider If Your Child Has Been Abducted

Once you realise that your ex-spouse has taken your child with the aim of abducting them, it is crucial to move with speed. Remember that the intent of any child abductor is to go as far away from you as possible so that you do not find them.

  1. Make a report to the police

Obviously, the police are the first people you would want to talk to if you suspect that your child has been abducted. To have your child promptly returned to you if the police happens to find him or her, you need a recovery order that is issued by the court.

A family law solicitor should be able to assist you in getting this order at a time when you are bound to be confused and anxious.

  1. Seek government information concerning the whereabouts of your child

Sometimes, government agencies concerned with child matters may have an idea about where your child is but may not be at ease to disclose it to you for varied reasons.

You could make an application to the registrar of courts to have these agencies compelled to reveal such information to relevant bodies like the police to have them track the child; it is known as a location order. This scenario usually plays out when the person holding the child is escaping from gender-based violence.

  1. Stop your child from being taken out of the country

The best family law Gold Coast practitioners like Caldwell Solicitors will assist you to get a court order promptly preventing your young one from being taken out of the country.

If already the child has been taken out of the country, family law Gold Coast solicitors know the steps to take to have you reunite with them. This kind of recovery is easy if the country where your child has been taken to is signatory to the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.

You can reach Caldwell Solicitors on 5574-0971 or visit their website on if your child has been abducted.


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