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Eagle Eye View Aerial Photography in Sydney – A Breathtaking Spectacle

Looking for some quality aerial filming drones who can service the Sydney suburbs? Nature is wonderful.  However, humans can see only at a ground level, as far as eye can see. This does not give the pleasure of seeing a wider horizon or how things look like from above. It is only a bird’s privilege and how we envy it! Technology and science has enabled man to achieve this feat with the help of machines. The sharpest vision amongst the birds belongs to the eagle, which soars high and yet captures the smallest of details on the ground.

aerial filming drones who can service the Sydney suburbs

This helps in hunting the prey with precision. Well, we may not be hunting for preys but our aim of capturing the minutest detail from the sky is successfully achieved by a dedicated and expert team of professional photographers. Thus, in 2013 Eagle Eye Aerial came into existence with a group of trained photographers having over 15 years of experience. Eagle Eye Aerial, as the name suggests, have achieved this feat of aerial filming drones who can service the Sydney suburbs that captures the images perfectly.

Aerial photography is very different from still photography or ground level video shoot. This technique gives an all round view of the location, captures images in panoramic view that is a treat to the eyes and can display every minute detail as it is filmed in high definition resolution (HD). Aerial photography is used for many purposes like tourism promotion, real estate advertisement, sports like football, golf etc, or just for some memorable pictures of sites.

Aerial filming drones who can service the Sydney suburbs involves strict working norms and needs license to conduct it. Since the equipment is airborne, rules applicable to aviation industry have to be followed. Civil Aviation Safety Authority Australia (CASA) has laid down rules like – this type of photography is only permitted in daylight, the equipment cannot exceed the altitude of 400 feet, the flying should be in open area and not a populous one, it should be 30 meters out of range of any person not associated with it and the flying should be outside the controlled airspace and airport area.

The pilot who controls these aircrafts needs to pass flying tests, earn flying hours and get certification. This gives a peace of mind that the machine is in good hands and there are no chances of accident hazard. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) flying needs a good insurance too for the operator, to protect against any mishaps.

Eagle Eye Aerial has an impressive fleet of aircrafts that are used for various shootings. S800EVO is a hex copter with retractable landing gear and ensures that all shots are perfect. High winds have no effect on its performance and the copter has a flight time of 12 minutes, during which Sony Nex 7 camera captures HD pictures averaging 25 mega pixels stills and feeds the vision directly to the ground station.

Phantom 2 has a flight span of 25 minutes and being light weight it is used in low wind conditions and for entry level shoots. F450 Custom is a stable aircraft and has a steady flight and hovering ability. It has bigger arms, motors and propellers that enable Go Pro camera to capture exceptional pictures and this too has the feature of transferring vision to ground station. This is the most reliable and worked up machine in the fleet. Finally, S1000 Octo Copter is the flag ship of the fleet and is a heavy lifting machine that has a flight time of 13 minutes and can carry Cannon 5DMK3 camera, which is capable of smooth streamlined pictures.

This is the age of smart living and aerial photo shoots with 360° view enables proper assessment of property in real estate promotion, timed action in sports and a leisurely journey through sites for tourism. So if you need to hire the aerial filming drones who can service the Sydney suburbs service, call 0423 616 440.

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