4 Tell Tale Warning Signs Your Loved One Is Being Neglected or Abused In A Nursing Home

Help from a professional such as a nursing home abuse attorney is being taken all over the world when more observant family members notice signs of abuse on their loved ones staying at an assisted facility. Now being distinctly labeled as an ‘equal opportunity crime’, legislation all over the world is reportedly trying to promote the use of hidden camera programs to catch abusive health aids.

Having loved ones injured in a car accident that is not their fault or a just a work related accident would make you and them go through a lot of trauma. But if you have a lawyer by your side, you can claim compensation for the same. For this, you can easily calculate a car accident claim or use any online auto accident claim calculator. This is much easier to come to terms with than having to think about hiring someone like a nursing home abuse attorney, where you think your elderly loved one is safe and taken care of. The following list suggests you keep an open mind and report any form of abuse, whether caught on camera or verbal complaints to the right nursing home abuse attorney.

Low Self-Esteem

If you are close to your elderly loved one, you will notice a drastic change in their attitude. Mental and verbal abuse makes a person timid and paranoid. If you notice skittish behavior that is different from signs of mental depletion or diseases, get in touch with your family doctor to ask them about it. Your loved one may feel more self-conscious than they usually do and communicate less than they did previously as well.

Lack Of Appetite

Since dietary charts have to be shared with family members when requested, keep a close track of your loved one’s food intake. When elderly people are well fed, they are less annoyed and irritable. If you notice a drastic loss of weight that has nothing to do with a virus or disease, you may want to contact your attorney to find out how to get solid proof regarding nursing home abuse.

Mood Swings, Fear & Depression

If someone is verbally abused or physically taunted on a regular basis, they will tend to clam up and retreat from loved ones when they visit. Although schizophrenia has such side effects, you as a caring family member will be able to tell the increasingly odd reclose behavior your elderly loved one is resorting to. This can happen if they are not treated with respect, taken out regularly for walks or pushed in a wheel chair. They may not be allowed to socialize with other patients or they may also be suffering from some form of physical abuse. Fear can lead to stress, which after a certain age can spill out into various diseases such as diabetes or heart disease.

Physical Abuse Marks

Although senior patients tend to fall or have a mishap every now and then, abuse, bruises are fairly noticeable. Ask your loved one if they are in any sort of pain every time you visit. Can they sit comfortably or suddenly have infections? Notice their arms, neck, hips and legs for any lacerations from being tied or punished. An elderly person shouldn’t be tied to be subdued. It ranks closely to animal abuse in major courts.

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